Client Communication, Made Easy.

Interact with clients the way they are used to interacting with the rest of the world.

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Built using tools you already know and trust.

We custom engineered our platform from the ground up to use the same technology currently used by over one billion people..

From social media to banking, ride sharing to shopping ...

the world we live in is powered by apps that make people’s lives easier.

Shouldn’t the same concepts apply to a law firm’s interaction with its clients?

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Clients + Firms Love Casetracks

"Casetracks is a game changer in the indusry and takes the client experience to the next level."

- Lindsay L. (Paralegal)

"Frees up a lot of priceless time for myself and my staff. I would highly recommend this product to firms large and small."

- Graham R. (Attorney)

"I can't imagine a law firm not having a solution like Casetracks to help clients. It's a no brainer."

- Elizabeth C. (Happy Client)

Your Firm+

Your Brand+

[Powered by Casetracks]

We know you invest a lot in your firm's brand. That is why we offer an exclusive licensing program that allows firms the ability to use all of the features and functionality in the Casetracks Platform completely custom branded to fit your firm.

  • Ready to deploy
  • No development necessary
  • Your Firm + Your Brand + Your App
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