Modern App + Web Portal

Communicate and collaborate from any device, anywhere in the world. Rest assured knowing that every feature on the Casetracks platform is configured and optimized to keep up with life in today's world.

(Grandmother tested and approved (seriously))

Effortless Onboarding

Clients simply receive a text + email with links to all of the information they need in order to login.

(It's as easy as one, two, three...clicks)

Secure + Easy Login

Let's be honest, cell phones rule the world and we all hate to remember usernames, emails, and passwords so we ditched them and securely validate users by their cell phone number.

(Users can still login via email + password if they really want to...)

eSign Made Easy

Our custom developed eSign solution allows clients to securely sign an unlimited number of documents via the app, web portal or email link. When complete, all signed final copies are automatically emailed to each signer and stored in each client's file for safekeeping.

(Signed, sealed, and delivered in a snap)

In-App or Text Messaging

Email inboxes are bombarded with endless amount of emails that easily fall through the cracks and are always a headache to sort through and read. Why funnel client communications into the inbox chaos? Thankfully now you don't have to.

(Nice, neat, and organized (and spam free))

Quickly Share Docs + Photos

Utilize one central and secure location for all important documents and photos. Clients and legal teams can easily request and share information via text message, web portal or app.

(We organize everything so you don't have to)

Automated Event Notifications

Set it, forget it, and let Casetracks keep up with reminding clients about their appointments. Clients are automatically notified when an event is added to their portal and before the event occurs giving everyone the peace of mind of knowing what is going on and when.

(Casetracks reminders work 24/7 and never take a day off)

And of course... Casetracks

You can track the status of just about everything in today's world from package deliveries to pizza orders, uber pickups to your flight status and everything in between...everything but your legal case that is. For some reason no one ever seems to know what the [bleep] is going on with their legal case...until now.

(Believe it or not, clients have a life too and don't want to have to call all the time to get updates on their case...)

Your Firm.

Your Brand.

[Powered by Casetracks]

We know you invest a lot in your firm's brand. That is why we offer an exclusive licensing program that allows firms the ability to use all of the features and functionality in the Casetracks Platform completely custom branded to fit your firm.

  • Ready to Deploy
  • No Development Work Necessary
  • Your Firm + Your Brand + Your App

Clients + Firms Love Casetracks

"Casetracks is a game changer in the indusry and takes the client experience to the next level. We love it."

- Lindsay L. (Paralegal)

"Frees up priceless time for me and my staff. Highly recommend this product to firms large and small."

- Graham R. (Attorney)

"I can't imagine a law firm not having their own app and solution like Casetracks to help clients. It's a no brainer."

- Elizabeth C. (Client)


Let's link up.

Don't see your case management or CRM provider? No problem!

Reach out to our team, and we will have our people contact their people to discuss making an integration happen!

Data Security is Our Top Priority

What good would the best client communication platform be if the communications weren't secure?

Bank-Grade Encryption

Casetracks provides the same level of encryption that banks use when safeguarding your online financial data.

Hosted With Amazon

We work with our friends at Amazon Web Services to ensure that we provide the highest quality hosting service available.

Data Redundancy

Rest assured knowing that Casetracks + AWS perform regular backups to make sure no client data will ever be lost.

What are you waiting for?

Contact us today! We look forward to working with you and your firm on helping to deliver the best possible client experience!

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